At the Marriage Box we love weddings of all sizes. But secretly? Intimate weddings are our personal favourite—taking the idea of a fast, simple wedding, and constantly innovating amazing ways to pull it off due to limiting the décor choices and time at the venue, and not charging you corkage and allowing you to bring your drinks and ice goes a long way to keep the costs reasonable.

After hearing repeatedly from couples that twenty to thirty wedding guests is pretty much the crucial amount, the crew at the marriage box decided to make it happen. Now up to thirty guests can comfortably fit our beautiful wedding spaces in Woodstock, Newlands, Tableview and more.… And you know what’s extra fun? The venue decor is all pre-set up with glass, silver, greens and whites.

The Marriage Box offers three main packages. The first is our standard one hour of wedding coverage for 6 or fewer guests. The rate is R12500 on and includes your officiant (plus courthouse paperwork!), a photographer for ceremony photos and champagne and strawberries.

The second package is a ceremony with up to 30 guests, the larger groups may want to hang out for longer than the hour allotted in the B.Wed package above (many couples want to do more photography, maybe have some cake and champagne), Essentially, it’s more time at the venue. This Wedding is two and a half hours of coverage (with photography and an officiant), your wedding at our venuse, and a cake large enough for a group up to thirty. The rate is R19500.

The third package is a wedding ceremony of up to 30 guests for around 4.5 hours for a wedding officiant, photography and a cake for around R24500. You can then add a lunch or supper – cocktail or canape style celebration for your guests.

We also have a list of add- on’s to make the day perfect for your needs.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of eloping but don’t necessarily want to reeeeally elope, the Marriage Box weddings might totally be for you—and if you’re in Cape Town, you definitely should be. Head over to or visit our facebook page and see how good your tiny wedding can be.